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The Flexigester System is not a silver bullet but a tool to help communities in the Global South help themselves. It is the new “fishing rod” not giving them the fish but giving them the tools to fish with. See how you can join with us and help those communities that need it have access to the Flexigester System

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For crops to be healthy and produce their potential yield they need water and the essential nutrients for growth. The fertility of soil is declining world-wide and chemical fertilisers are often used to provide the nutrients needed by plants need. The cost of such fertilisers are often prohibitive to small scale farmers in the Global South. The Flexigester can take waste and convert it to liquid biofertiliser, capturing the nutrients in the waste and putting them back onto the land.


Sanitation for many in the Global South is open defaecation. Where there are latrines that can offer privacy and security these are normally pit latrines. Human waste is dropped into the pit. Faeces remains in the pit until the pit becomes full and urine soaks into the ground around the pit. Pour-flush toilets can remove the waste from the vicinity of the latrine and can be connected directly to a Flexigester turning the waste into a resource.

Charcoal making and using wood as a fuel is one of the causes of deforestation in the Global South. Communities have little choice but to use these as fuel for cooking and heating. The biogas produced by the Flexigester System gives an affordable and sustainable replacement fuel. All communities create organic waste that can be converted into biogas by the Flexigester. By using the biogas to replace charcoal and wood the rate of deforestation can be slowed down.

The Flexigester can use waste from the community to promote health, agriculture and employment. It helps to protect the environment, produces biogas that can replace charcoal and wood as a fuel and captures plant nutrients so they can be returned to the land and improve crop growth.


The Flexigester System is compact and lightweight allowing it to be flown into emergency aid situations. Once unpacked its rapid deployment capability enables sanitation waste to be removed from the environment and treated quickly removing the need for large sewage lagoons. As the waste is totally enclosed in the Butyl rubber Flexigester body it can even be used in flood situations.

World travellers are becoming more aware of the negative impact their presence can have on native communities and their environs. The Flexigester System can help make a positive impact by using the waste created by the visitors. The biogas produced is used for cooking preserving wood supplies for the community and the biofertiliser can be used on land to improve crop growth.

The Flexigester can help you to:

Flexigester Systems can be used in different situations and can help to fulfil a variety of aspirations in low and middle income countries giving benefits to all those who use them.

Develop the community

Deliver sanitation in emergency aid situations

Achieve better responsible tourism

Sustain soil fertility

Produce an alternative to wood fuels

Go one better than the pit latrine

Provide the right tool for the task