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Flexigester Sewage Isolation Bag (SIB) - How it works

The Flexigester SIB-5 System, illustrated here, can hold 5 m3 or 5,000 L of sewage and can be installed in a few hours. A shallow trench (11 m long 1.5 m wide and 0.6 m deep) is dug, lined with the base membrane and the Flexigester SIB body is unrolled into it. The two input tubes of 160 mm diameter are connected to the pipe work from the latrines and the output pipe is laid into an overflow pit. The Pressure Regulator is fitted to the SIB Gas Tail Pipe and the Flexigester SIB is then ready for use.



There are a number of operational options that can be chosen for the use of the SIB.

  1. It can be used as a holding tank for the duration of the camp and then emptied when the camp moves away. The SIB can be emptied either by a sledge mounted submersible pump or by using a vacuum tank.
  2. The SIB can be used in a manner similar to a septic tank. It is filled until it overflows and the output either passed to a soak away or piped away.
  3. The SIB can be used as a sewage treatment tank. For example, by the addition of lime.


Installation Operation Specification

The SIB is reusable. On the closure of a temporary camp, the SIB can be emptied by pumping out and cleaned using the recommended procedure. It can then be rolled up and packed away for transport and use in another temporary camp.

However, if reuse is not required, the SIB can be emptied and disposed of in a suitable facility