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On this page are links to further information about Flexigester Systems and it’s applications as well as links to other relevant websites.



A new fishing rod - how you can be part of the Flexigester programme

Introduction to the Flexigester V10

Installation of the Flexigester in Namisu, Malawi - a timelapse video

Technical papers by SOWTech

TA10 - The value of Biofertiliser

TA11 - Sewage as a source of plant macro-nutrients

TA20 - Durability of Butyl fabrics in the tropics

TA21 - What is Butyl Rubber


Flexigester S14 at Namisu, Malawi

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Flexigester Information pdfs

Flexigester V10 brochure

Flexigester Sewage Isolation Bag (SIB-5) leaflet


Butyl Products Ltd - manufacturers of the Flexigester

SOWTech CIC - designers of the Flexigester