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Home Flexigester V10 inflated for testing

Designed for small communities and farming groups the Flexigester V10 can be packed into a single crate and sent by air freight to most parts of the world. It is simple to install and easy to use.

The Flexigester System is an innovative anaerobic digestion system that can take materials such as animal manures, waste food, human waste and plants and convert them, over a period of several weeks, into natural Biofertiliser and Biogas.

The Biofertiliser contains plant nutrients, including those found in artificial chemical fertilisers, which can be used on the land.

The Biogas can be used as a fuel for cooking and is a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to wood or charcoal.

The waste materials are not exposed to the atmosphere which prevents flies and vermin living and breeding on them.

Flexigester Systems

Flexigester S14 in use in Malawi

Flexigester S14 at Namisu, Malawi

Features of the Flexigester Anaerobic Digestion Kits

The Flexigester System has a number of unique features making it suitable for rural and urban communities in low and middle income countries. The objective has been to harness butyl rubber’s unique properties to develop equipment which advances the technology in several ways and opens up new options in the field of waste treatment. The advantages over conventional brick and concrete lined pits in the ground or other fabric systems include:

Flexigester System Model V10

Flexigester V10 inflated for testing

Many industries including the Oil and Gas Industry have to set up temporary camps when undertaking exploration and other short term work. Disposal of sewage can be a problem. The SIB gives you control of the sewage and options for the treatment of it.

Flexigester Sewage Isolation Bag (SIB)