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Namisu, Malawi - Project Bulletin 6

Bulletin date: 17 November 2014

Over the past few months both SOWTech in the UK and Angus in Malawi have been looking at ways of making cooking with biogas more effective on a larger scale. We have concentrated our efforts on making sure that the heat produced by the flames is transferred into the pot and the cooking maize porridge and not lost to the surrounding area. By a mixture of measures we have achieved this and now Angus reports that they are able to cook the maize porridge quite well now. In fact he is so encouraged that he is thinking of scaling up and buying a second stove as the gas production is so good they have enough to run two double stoves.

The composting donuts are working well. The vegetation is composing and has reduced in volume so that more vegetation can be added to it.

Malawi is about to go into its hot wet season so we are thinking of additional ways of using the liquid biofertiliser. One suggestion that we are all looking at is the building of papyrus reed beds.

Composting donut

Composting donut

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