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Namisu, Malawi - Project Bulletin 5

Bulletin date: 30 September 2014

The news is still good from Malawi with the Flexigester performing as expected. During the cooler season the liquid was not evaporating off the soil donuts quick enough to prevent seepage and so alternative ways of reducing the liquid volume but retaining the nutrients were investigated. A composting donut was built using vegetation. The composting process creates its own heat which improves the evaporation process. Just like the soil donuts the biofertiliser produced is poured into the centre of the composting donut where it soaks into the vegetation, keeping it moist. The vegetation begins to compost, generating heat that drives off the water leaving the nutrients behind. This approach appears to be successful in preventing seepage of liquor.

The Flexigester continues to attract visitors. In the past two months the visitors to Namisu have included John Searle the Head of Aquaid Lifeline and representatives of the Gates Foundation.

Digestate added to compost donut

Biofertiliser added to compost donut

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