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On the first day the crates containing the Flexigester S14 were collected from the Malawi Red Cross in Blantyre and the trench for the digester was dug on site.

Things began to take shape rapidly on the second day. The trench was lined with a geotextile membrane and the digester laid in it. The soil donuts were built for the disposal of the liquor that the Flexigester would be producing and the Pasteu tubes for the pasteurisation of that liquor were laid out and connected to the Flexigester.

All that was left to do on the third day was to connect the gas collection system up to the Flexigester including the gas storage bags and the system was ready to start being filled with waste.

The next day cow manure and water was fed into the digester and by the end of the week the digester had been connected to the latrines and waste was being added regularly.

Laying out the Flexigester in the lined trench Pasteu tubes connected to Flexigester Building Soil Donuts Digging the Flexigester trench

Digging the trench

Laying out the digester in the lined trench

Connecting gas pipes Flexigester being collected from Red Cross Malawi

The complete system was packed into 3 crates and sent by air to Malawi where it finished its journey to Namisu on the back of a truck.

The system was installed using only hand tools and was ready for use in less than three days.

Flexigester S14 being collected from the Malawi Red Cross

Pasteu tubes connected to the Flexigester

Building the Soil Donuts

5 May 2014

18 June 2014

31 July 2914

30 Sept 2014

17 Nov 2014

Namisu, Malawi - Project Bulletin 1

In 2014 the SOWTech Flexigester Integrated Faecal Treatment System was part of a programme financed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) evaluating different sanitation treatments. The programme was based in Blantyre, Malawi and the SOWTech Flexigester was installed in the Namisu Childrens Village run by the UK charity Aquaid Lifeline.

Installation of the Flexigester S14

Bulletin date: 3 March 2014

Connecting the gas pipes

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Here is a time lapse video of the installation of the Flexigester S14 at Namisu. The shots were taken every 10 minutes.

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21 April 2015