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He has reported:

Just returning back from ….. after overseeing the digging of the trench at Approved School in Freetown and the preparation for the installation of the Flexigester.

By the time I got there, Mamson [the Project Coordinator for Practical Tools Initiative in the Western Area in Sierra Leone] had studied the Flexigester well (even seeking further information about the Malawi project).

The plot where he located the Flexigester is ideal and the team were very enthusiastic about it. The trench is now complete. All that has to be done is to get the plumber to do the connections and get it going.”

The Flexigester will take the sewage from the latrines and also food and vegetable waste. The gas produced will be used in the kitchens and the biofertiliser on the school gardens where they grow their own food crops.

Marking out the site for the Flexigester in Sierra Leone Digging the trench for the Flexigester in Sierra Leone Lining the trench for the Flexigester in Sierra Leone Unpacking the Flexigesterin Sierra Leone

Unpacking the box

Marking out the site

Laying the Flexigester in the trench in Sierra Leone Flexigester arriving in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Unfortunately, due the Ebola crisis restricting movements in Freetown, The Flexigester could not be immediately installed. However, once the restrictions were lifted a volunteer from Practical Tools Initiative was able to visit the school to start the installation off.

Flexigester V10 being delivered

Digging the trench

Lining the trench with geotextile

Freetown, Sierra Leone - Project Bulletin 1

A Flexigester V10 was donated by Butyl Products Ltd to Practical Tools Initiative. This Flexigester was destined for Sierra Leone. It was shipped in January in a container loaded with tools and other equipment including a car. From there it was delivered to the Approved School outside of Freetown.

Installation of the Flexigester V10

Bulletin date: 11 June 2015

Laying the Flexigester out