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How the Flexigester System can help you

The Flexigester System can bring a number of benefits to the community that you care about.

Environmental protection

The Biogas produced by the Flexigester System is a smokeless fuel which does not cause smoke-related respiratory problems, as well as giving a cleaner kitchen and reducing the time needed to cook meals.

Treating waste in the Flexigester System prevents flies and vermin living and breeding on the waste which then reduces the spread of disease.

The Flexigester System contains the waste put into it in a totally enclosed environment.

Unlike the materials used in other systems the Flexigester is made from Butyl rubber which is impervious to both liquids and gases. This stops waste water soaking into the ground and polluting soil and water courses and controls odours from rotting waste.

Crop yield improvement

Most of the world’s soils are suffering from nutrient depletion and loss of organic matter resulting in declining crop yields. The Flexigester System creates a Biofertiliser by capturing the nutrients that were present in the waste inputs and returning them to the soil, helping to increase crop yields and sustain fertile soils.

Health gains

Employment opportunities

Owning a Flexigester System can turn you into “business entrepreneur”. Depending on the community needs there may be opportunities to sell any excess biogas or biofertiliser, accept other peoples waste for treatment or even start a service to collect waste. The possibilities extend as far as the owners imagination.   

Water reuse

Waste water from kitchens and from latrines is often disposed of in pits where the water soaks into the earth and is lost. The Flexigester System retains all the water added to it allowing it to be put back on the land as liquid biofertiliser.

Conserves wood resources

A product of the Flexigester System is biogas which is an alternative fuel for cooking. By using the biogas to cook a family’s meal the cost of buying or collecting wood, charcoal or kerosene can be saved.

Sustainable sanitation

The Flexigester can be attached directly to a pour-flush toilet capturing all the sewage, both faeces and urine. Removing the waste from the vicinity of the latrine can help leave the latrine free from odours and flies and encourage the use of the latrine over open defaecation.

Latrine block connected directly to the Flexigester Maize crop in Malawi grown with fertiliser used Biogas being used in the kitchen at Namisu, Malawi Animal waste being added to a Flexigester S14 in Namisu, Malawi Taking charcoal to sell in Malawi

The video shows how you can help communities you care about gain the benefits from having a Flexigester System

Video - Providing the right tools for the task